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Dobermannkennel v/h Doberforest
O'Rayan vh Doberforest   1U CAC/CACIB BOS  Leiden 22-03-2014

Odessa vh Doberforest  Openklasse 2U  Leiden 22-03-2014

O'Rayan vh Doberforest   2U  ResCac/ResCacib  Eindhoven 09-02-2014

Met dank aan Michelle voor de handling






This website will give you information about our hobby the Doberman. Through the years the love of this race is began a very big hobby of the both of us. The intention is breeding of a beautiful race that meets with the race standard. Hereby we aim for the beauty en the character of the dog with the ability to work and to show. A  Dober is strong, intelligent, and obedient and specially a good watchdog. He loves frequently to perform dog sports with his boss. 

Do you want more information than you can find on our site? In Holland we have an official race association: The DVIN. At the links you can find this site. Look and read on our site. Ideas and suggestions are welcome! And we enjoy everyone to sign our guestbook. 

Much read and look pleasure. 

Peter and Mirjam   

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